Earthquake reminder

The tragedy in Japan is a good reminder for us all that our lives could be turned upside down in a split second. In the last year major earthquakes have hit Chile (8.8), New Zealand (6.3), China (5.4), and Japan (8.9). These shakes have placed more pressure on our fault lines and it is only a matter of time before we will be faced with a major earthquake.

Reports analyzing the events in Japan are still being written, but this much is clear: the death toll could have been much higher if Japan had not been so well prepared in terms of their building codes, and more importantly, in terms of the population’s familiarity with evacuation drills. We must all take these drills seriously because in a crisis, it is very difficult to think clearly, and as you saw in Japan, you may need to make a split-second decision. Please do your part for the Court and those we serve by being as “ready as possible” yourselves.

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