Frequently Asked Questions - Excuse Absense

There are several flexibilities available to provide time off for employees to take care of personal or family needs related to a major disaster or emergency after a facility has reopened or operations are established at an alternative site.

No. An employee on leave without pay, workers’ compensation, suspension, or in another non-pay status does not receive excused absence when a court is closed. An employee in a non-pay status has no expectation of working and receiving pay for time during which a court is closed, and is therefore not entitled to be paid for his or her absence.

Employees who were in a paid leave status at the time his or her employing court was closed should have their leave cancelled and be placed in an excused absence status effective the day the employing court unit was closed.


When a government facility (workplace) is closed due to a disaster or other emergency, all non-essential employees who are not authorized and not able to telework are granted excused absence. Once a chief judge or his or her designee reopens the facility or establishes an alternative work-site, employees should be notified that they should return to duty.