How are employees paid during an emergency situation when banks and financial institutions are affected (i.e., EFT process is disrupted)?

 The Payroll Services Branch (PSB) at the Administrative Office remains in contact with the U.S. Treasury to ensure that employees are not negatively impacted by salary transmission problems. If PSB receives notification that an employee’s pay cannot be successfully transmitted, it will determine an alternative method for issuing the employee’s salary check. Such alternatives may include interim salary checks issued by the court(s), interim salary checks issued by the Administrative Office, or, employees may be instructed to open new accounts and submit new account information to the Administrative Office. It is also possible to temporarily suspend individual direct deposits and issue salary checks to alternate addresses, or a central disbursing center. PSB will evaluate each emergency situation, and determine the appropriate method(s) to pay employees quickly and efficiently, with as little disruption to income as possible.