What information can courts provide employees to help them plan and prepare for a pandemic healthcare crisis?

Employees will need to know what measures the court has taken or how it plans to deal with a pandemic health crisis, including steps to prevent or minimize workplace exposure to contagious disease. Some suggestions for information courts may wish to include in a communications plan for a pandemic healthcare crisis include:

    • Discussions on the potential pandemic and the possibility of an outbreak;
    • Discussions on the court’s plan to continue court operations that stresses the need for employees to plan for how they will continue to work (in the office, at an alternative site, or from home) in the event of a health crisis;
    • Distribution of information from public health offices or the CDC on personal and family protection during a pandemic health crisis that includes information on preventative hygiene measures and developing family emergency plans;
    • Procedures for keeping employee contact information up to date;
    • Procedures/instructions for determining status of court operations; and
    • Procedures for requesting leave, to include encouraging employees to stay at home if they are ill.